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Quantum Academy

The Quantum Academy seeks to bring quantum science to high school curricula with the support of our talented Chicago Public Schools (CPS) teachers. This program is run by the NSF QuBBE (Quantum Sensing for Biophysics and Bioengineering) Center whose mission is to innovate quantum science based sensing and imaging methods to perform novel biological measurements. A key component of the Quantum Academy will be an RET (Research Experience for Teachers) around this interdisciplinary theme. In addition to an immersive experience in cutting edge research, the Quantum Academy will include

  1. content instruction on quantum science with an interdisciplinary flavor
  2. curriculum development sessions to co-develop high school quantum science modules based on evidence based learning goals and practices
  3. information about opportunities for students in this growing field.

Through this program, we will facilitate a learning community to support high school teachers as they implement these new curricula over the coming years.

Want to learn more about the Quantum Academy? We are holding an information session on April 5th at 3 pm: register HERE to receive a zoom link to attend.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will the Quantum Academy happen?

    June 27 to August 5, 2022 and then periodically during the academic years 2022-24
  • Where will the Quantum Academy happen?

    University of Chicago (in person)
  • Who can participate in the Quantum Academy?

    Any CPS high school physics and chemistry teachers can participate. We particularly welcome applications from teachers who serve students in under-resourced schools. We encourage teachers from historically marginalized groups in STEM to apply.
  • What will the Quantum Academy learning community look like?

    During the summer, teachers will participate in cutting-edge quantum science research at University of Chicago and start developing curriculum modules by integrating their learnings of quantum science and best practices in science education. To follow up on this work, there will be check in meetings every few months in the following two academic years to support implementation of these modules. These check in meetings will be a space to share the excitements and challenges from trying out these novel curricula, and to brainstorm learning environment designs that most benefit our students. Scholars in science education research will facilitate these meetings and provide input.
  • Is there any compensation for participating in the Quantum Academy?

    Yes, all participants will receive a stipend of $9000 upon completion of the program.
  • Can I apply for the Quantum Academy?

    Yes, we are currently accepting applications! Please follow THIS LINK to apply. Applications will close on April 29, 2022 and selected participants will be informed by May 20, 2022.
  • I have questions. Who can I ask?

    Great, we would love to talk with you. Dr. Minjung Ryu, professor of chemistry and learning sciences at the University of Illinois at Chicago is coordinating the Quantum Academy. Please email her with any thoughts or questions at